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Phu Tho in Vietnam

As the cradle of rice cultivation, is the land of Phu Tho production early agricultural development. Therefore, the agricultural population in the village community land The people were soon known culinary enjoyment, bringing culinary culture became a family life and community. When the wave passes deep freeze, warm spring overflow around the village alleys is when people begin pilgrimage to the land of the organization, to be carefree moments recalls the first source organization, a passion in the oval melodies, sing teasing. In jubilant scenes that, enjoy the cuisine of rice cultivation residents, imagination will bring people back to the dawn ancient water up my fathers.
If the focus in the Assembly in the highland festival of Yen Bai, Lao Cai is always associated with the game, the Patriarch village festival lands associated with rivalry games, racing skill-based activities in the life agriculture as cooking competition, contest yes, baking bread... in imitation voice throbbing, pounding thick cake festival Incense village, ward example Lau has always attracted a large number of natives and visitors to see and cheering. The girls quickly select rice, busy guy blowing fire prepared for cooking sticky rice cake pounding, sticky rice cooked to be dug out and put in mortar, pounding away as sticky as hot as the elderly requires not only strong but also be very tricky. When a block distant thunder, the birds Baseball plastic molding cutting the cake, it is estimated that three to equal pie, rounded, wheels stowed. English air suddenly heard pounding cake even with gongs and drums repeatedly urged the boisterous cheers of encouragement, suggestions for people to remember about the ancient past are packages Lang Lieu rice cake thickness in the selected competitions Hung King's successor. With this meaning, the more international visitors with Vietnam visa will wish to enjoy delicious and thick plastic pie, bread "only the first" village bread in general and Vietnam in particular The land is also the head of the sacrificial cake divine. Are associated with legends and Vien Hung Vuong, the concept of indigenous peoples, the custom of cooking contest is being held to remember the Hung Kings princesses teach cooking contest. Cooking contest is active nature of culture has become more festive place on earth where group is usually held in the village temple. With the extremely difficult conditions such as walking and cooking, but cooking pot burden... so that the contest is still blowing tasty rice cooker. The genius of it examinees not only honor but also makes grain rice bowl becomes more and more attractive and tasty. Contributing to enrich cuisine The land Xuan days, also from local agricultural products, people here still do a lot of delicious cakes such as honey cake, cake, cake spines, patella lam... Along with spiritual meaning, to make fundamental, wheeled left and hearty dishes are offered to ancestors, gods, offering complete enjoyment buds are divided enjoy together. Tidbit long remember, this culture has left in the hearts of many deep impressions.